Product of the week – Magangué

 This lamp adds a touch of class and style to your home, making the room feel modern and fresh, as well making a statement. The stacked halo light appearance is truly unique and mesmerising, and is perfect for any room in your home. The added benefit of a remote control allows you to control your light at any time of the day.

 The Magangué Floor Lamp comes in 2 different colours, so we can guarantee that this lamp will complement your room and your décor beautifully. The LED bulbs come in 4 different options: - neutral light, warm light, RC dimming and white light, so whatever mood or ambiance you want to create in your home, this floor lamp is the perfect light for you.

 Whether you want this floor lamp to be a feature in your bedroom, so you have light to read before bedtime, in your living room so you don’t have to turn on your full light, in your dining room to add mood to the room, or even in your hallway to light it up at night. We can guarantee that the Magangué Floor Lamp will look perfect in any room in your home.

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