Five tips to brighten your outdoor spaces


You look out of your window and look at the dull, dark area which is your garden. You wonder how you can spruce it up, or even make it lighter on dark nights. Purchasing outdoor lighting can be a tricky subject – do you choose solar power, LED, bulbs, lanterns, string lighting, lights that are sunk into the ground? The list of questions is endless.

To help you to make your decision, we have come up with 5 tips to help make the right choices, and so you can appreciate your outdoor space that little bit more.


Let there be light!

If you do not have adequate lighting in your outdoor spaces, then once that sun begins to set, you must then move back indoors, even if you are enjoying the scenery and fresh air. Having significant lighting in your outdoor spaces can illuminate not only your seating area, but can also help to emphasis plants, trees, and the nature around you, making you appreciate your surrounding that little bit more. What’s more, outdoor lighting can also act as security, giving you peace of mind that your home is that little more secure and safe.


Do your research.

Before you go out and impulse buy on lighting that is both inadequate for your space, that does not complement the area correctly, or that you cannot install yourself, spend some time researching the type of outdoor lights you are looking for. This can help to know the size of the lighting, the type of fixings it comes with, how it would be installed into your space, and what type of light it would give you. This way, you can visualise how the ambiance in your outdoor space will be, and how it will complement your home.


Impress your guests!

Adding outdoor lighting can give you the added option of dining alfresco with your friends and loved ones, instead of having the same old dinner party indoors. Impress your guests with your new outdoor lighting – have some bollard lighting to guide you guests up to your home, have some subtle, twinkling lights just outside your door, and add some statement cube-shaped lights to enhance the mood around your outdoor dinner table.


Light up your driveway.

You get home from work late one night. You park your car on your driveway, then you find yourself having to ‘feel’ your way to your home. By adding some spotlights to your driveway will not only add that extra security to your vehicles, but can also help guide you to your front door. And why stop there, by adding some lantern lights outside your door will help you when you are tying to find the lock on your door.


Don’t trip on your outdoor steps!

Whether you have steps to your door, or in another part of your outdoor space, trying to walk up and down them in the dark is somewhat a mission impossible, and you are always worried that you will fall. By installing some lights on your steps can help you feel like it is ‘mission accomplished,’ and you don’t need to be wary anymore. Some subtle LED lights which attach to your steps can not only add that touch of class, but can also help you get into your home safely.


We want to help you brighten up your outdoor space, and make it an extension of the home, so it can be a place to relax, no matter if it’s day or night. These handy hints will help you to make you visions come to life, and have that amazing outdoor area you have always wanted.

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